How to Solve the War in Iraq

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WARNING- this is very racial. Please forgive me if it offends you, but its true when you think about it.

Since we have so many Mexicans saying,"o we want to serve you americans, work in america...",why dont we just put them in the army. We give them our supplies. They go, jump the border like no manyana and set up base. With all the tanks the Iraqis have, they go and before you notice it they have the wheeles, the tank is up on cinder blocks and they are out of there, just like they do in the city. We have tanks, with guns that turn 360 degrees. 360. So if you think about it, its like a drive by. So lets let all the blacks go in and control the tanks. So we get into Iraq, and we have a drive by. With the increasing of this we can win!

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