To Grandma's House

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Nick's Grandma gave him a map to her house. The address was 1767 Old Miffs Road.

Nick traveled till he got to Old Miffs road. He didn't pay attention to the sign and thought he was lost.

He stopped at a woman's house and she opened the door. "Why hello there!" the woman said. "Nice to see you, Nick."

Nick couldn't hear her, so he asked "Do you know where 1767 Old Miffs Road is?"

"You're here," she said, but Nick still couldn't hear her.

He went to a different house down the road. He asked "Do you know where 1767 Old Miffs Road is?"

"Yes, it's right there."

"This isn't Old Miffs Road!"

"Pay attention to street signs."

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Posted by LVninja May 02, 2007

it kinda confused me

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Posted by BBKatsu May 09, 2007

I don't get it.

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