I Ain't Touchin it

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An armless man in a long jacket walks into a bathroom and stands by a urinal...

Soon seeing he needs help to use the toilet he asks a close by man, "Can you help me point my penis?"

The man reluctantly accepted but decided not to look at the man's penis. After a few seconds of holding it he thinks, "Hey! I'm grabbing it right? So I should look, I have a right"

He looks down at the man's member and sees that is beyond hideous. Startled, he jumps back and lets go, asking, "What the hell is wrong with it?"

The "armless" man pulls his arms out of his jacket and says "I dunno, but I ain't touchin' it," and walks away.

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Posted by brain_dead Apr 09, 2007

ha this is funny

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Posted by salem33466 Apr 09, 2007

ummm that was stupid and a waste of my time

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