50th Anniversery

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With a man soon to celebrate his 50th wedding anniversary at the church's marriage marathon, the minister asked Pete to take a few minutes and share some insight into how he managed to maintain his marriage with the same woman all these years.

The husband replied to the audience, "Well, I treated her with respect, spent money on her, but mostly I took her traveling on special occasions."
The minister inquired "Trips to where?"
"For our 25th anniversary, I took her to Beijing, China."
The minister then said, "What a terrific example you are to all husbands, Pete. Please tell the audience what you're going to do for your wife on your 50th anniversary."

Pete: "I'm going back to go get her."

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Posted by bballrox55 Mar 11, 2007

haha nice joke! ^__^

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Posted by ShriekaFox666 Apr 09, 2008

lol nice

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