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Hey this is not a joke. Just submit a full smiley just for the heck of it. Wouldn't it be weird if the top joke wasn't even a joke? So please, just give it a full smiley.

If you think this is just stupid, then, please give this crap a zero smiley.

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Posted by Alexeagle Jun 06, 2007


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Posted by taran083 Jun 20, 2007

wow. get this crap off this site. "wouldnt it be funny if the top joke wasnt even a joke?" no. i come here for humor, not to be insulted by rubbish like this. Go ahead and rate all my jokes bad if that's what you want to do. I don't care. I posted them because i found them funny and thought i would share in the humor.

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Posted by ComfyAndJoy Jun 21, 2007

thank u very much for ur kind comment. well, i'm not going to rate all ur jokes bad. I'm not that kind of person. if i think they're bad i'll rate them bad. if i think they're funny, i'll rate them funny. well part of my humor if the top joke wasn't even a joke.... so i don't really care wut u think. i won't take any crap from u. so have a very nice day. tootles

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Posted by ComfyAndJoy Jun 21, 2007

+ i didn't say "wouldn't it be funny" i said "wouldn't it be weird" duh

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