George Bush Drowning...

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3 young boys were walking along a river bank when they saw a man drowning in the river. Together they manage to pull him out.

When they pulled him out they notice that it is in fact George Bush, leader of the free world.

George Bush says to the boys, "Thank you oh so much! In return for you kindness, I will give each of you whatever you desire."

He turns to the first boy, "What would you like?"

The boy says, "I'd like a bike, but not just any bike, a bike with all the whistles and gadgets it could possibly have!"

George Bush says, "And you shall have it!" He turns to the second boy, "And what about you?"

The boy goes, "I'd like a huge house for all 12 members of my family, a huge mansion in the country, with many bedrooms and many bathrooms!"

George Bush says, "And so you shall!" and finally the third boy, "What do you require?"

The third boy goes, "A state funeral."

George Bush is slightly taken aback by this, "But child, you are the farthest thing from dead, and funerals are just for the dead!"

"Yeah, but when my dad finds out I rescued George Bush from drowning he's gonna kill me..."

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Posted by Hugme12 Jun 11, 2007

LoL that was way funny I would do the same thing if someone stopped bush from dying luckily in 08' we won't have to deal with him

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