Revenge! II

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In February 1993 a train knocked down and injured an elephant calf in the Sylhet region of Bangladesh. When the next train came along an hour later the calf's mother blocked the track, then banged her forehead against the engine for 15 minutes, until it could no longer run. Then she walked off into the jungle again, leaving about 200 passengers stranded for over five hours.

A man driving to work through the southern desert of Saudi Arabia ran over one of a troupe of monkeys. When he made the return trip later that day, the remaining monkeys were waiting for him. They spotted his car, jumped on it, and smashed the windows with their fists.

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Posted by yourwrstnitemare Dec 26, 2006

...and this is a

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Posted by crrazzy Jan 03, 2007

try alittle harder

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Posted by Fathead Apr 17, 2012

Not everything has to be a joke on here.

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