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Every day the same old thing
Essays, reading, handwriting
I do it all while sitting here
With a very tempting computer near.

I try to ignore the silent plea
"Please, surf the net on me"
I, for a while I ignore the call
By writing a paper on the Taj Mahal.

But inevitably
It gets to me
I shove my work out of the way
(Don't worry I'll do it another day).

The screen savers gone when I click on the mouse
A happy blue glow fills up the house
I open the Internet, "Whoopitydee"
I yell (there are 5 new emails for me).

When I've replied I surf the net
Is there anything exciting? You bet!
I'll do this while the sun fades away
Marking the end of another long day
But I will not notice, oh no not me
I'll be too wrapped up in my computer you see.

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Posted by undercover_joker Dec 22, 2006

it's not funny but smart and very well written

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