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In Cleveland, Ohio, it's illegal to catch mice without a hunting license.

Dr. Seuss coined the word "nerd" in his 1950 book "If I Ran the Zoo."

It takes 3,000 cows to supply the NFL with enough leather for a year's supply of footballs.

Thirty-five percent of the people who use personal ads for dating are already married.

There are an average of 178 sesame seeds on a McDonald's Big Mac bun.

The world's termites outweigh the world's humans 10 to 1.

Pound for pound, hamburgers cost more than new cars.

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Posted by reptile5000 Jul 21, 2007

I don't think this belongs on Wocka, not really a joke. Just doing it to get more points?

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Posted by reptile5000 Jul 21, 2007

Oh, sorry Boodler, I thought it was another user, cough*hubluza*cough. I know you wouldn't just enter things randomly to get points.

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