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I know that most jokes about women involve the fact that they are not as "smart" as men and they cannot do two things at once. Nothing could be further from the truth. I have never met a woman, no matter what age, who cannot multi-task, all women can multi-task.

They talk and piss you off at the same time!

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Posted by qwerty123 Nov 01, 2006

I just thought this up I hope you all like it, no offense ladies it is only a joke after all.

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Posted by abc128 Nov 03, 2006

I don't want to be all scientific and ruin the joke or anything... But it's been proven that women can multitask better than men. Girls just have more connections in their brain than men.

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Posted by mellew Nov 29, 2006

so HA!! thanx abc. (and none taken qwerty)

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Posted by sweetmariah Dec 17, 2006

that's good. it is true. we CAN multi-task like that.

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Posted by monkeyluvin Jan 13, 2007

Men can do the exact same thing! except worse!!!!!!!!!

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Posted by hubluza Mar 31, 2007

See you women are blabbing and ticking me off. Men ARE superior in every way!

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Posted by cheese123 Jun 20, 2007

wow. funny joke, but i have to say, women are way smarter than men!!!

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Posted by Jokester Feb 09, 2008


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