Tips For Calling an Answering Service

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Tips for calling a business that has an answering service. When you get the answering service, please remember these vital tips.

1) When you call a lockout company, make sure you give the operator the telephone number on your account. It's considered proper procedure for the locksmith to drive to the office to look up an alternate number where you'll be at, and then drive to you. I believe it's quicker that way too.

2) After giving your last name to the operator on the line, and they ask for your first, It's ok to just say Mr or Mrs. Your voice can be deceiving as some people just may not have hit puberty by age 45.

3) If you're calling your apartment complex because your toilet is overflowing and you cant shut the water off, please go and get some coffee. The maintenance people dont need you at home to get inside. that's what they make credit cards for.

4) If it's July, and your a/c hasnt worked for 2 months, please call at 2am. Our service reps are just switching shifts and the new shift will be nice and rested to drive to the edge of the boondocks for you.

5) If you just happen to be a nurse, and you're calling for a doctor that's new to the hospital, dont worry about what extention ICU is. He's a doctor and he's memorized all of the hospital's codes for every city before he graduates medschool. He remembers best when its 2 am.

6) No, sir, i'm sorry. A/C technicians don't make house calls. Please bring your outside Heating and Air Conditioning unit into the shop to get repaired.

And the final tip is...

If you're a patient and you're calling your doctor afterhours because the medication he's prescribed for you isnt working properly, please let the operator on the line know your whole medical history. The more they know, the better they can help you! (everyone else calling can wait!!!)

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