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ALL DIET FAQ's answered...

Q: Should I cut down on meat and eat more fruits and vegetables?
A: You must grasp logistical efficiencies. What does a lamb eat? Leaves and corn. And what are these? Vegetables.
So a kabab is nothing more than an efficient mechanism of delivering vegetables to your system.
Need grain?
Eat chicken.

Q: Should I reduce my alcohol intake?
A: No, not at all. Wine is made from fruit. Brandy is distilled wine, that means they take the water out of the fruity bit so you get even more of the goodness that way. Beer is also made out of grain.
Its only the misconception, that narrow minded people have. So, Bottoms up!

Q: Aren't fried foods bad for you?
A: YOU'RE NOT LISTENING!!! Foods are fried these days in vegetable oil. How could getting more vegetables be bad for you?

Q: Is chocolate bad for me?
A: Are you crazy? HELLO ...... Cocoa beans ... another vegetable ! It's the best feel-good food around!

Q: Is swimming good for your figure?
A: If swimming is good for your figure, explain whales to me.

Q: Is getting in shape important for my lifestyle?
A: Hey! 'Round' is a shape!

Well, I hope this has cleared up any misconceptions you may have had about food and diets..........

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Posted by schatzy228 Oct 02, 2006

now thats funny

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Posted by Battery Oct 02, 2006

yeah it is the score should be much higher

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Posted by RustyDQ Oct 02, 2006

Yeh, I agree... & gave it the top number of smilies!

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Posted by ntsoaky Oct 03, 2006

I love the last one! Hilarious

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Posted by bmonkey Oct 03, 2006

i couldn't agree more, those are plain facts!

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Posted by carissker9 Nov 04, 2006


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