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There was once, Mr. Maggi mee was walking along the streets and noticed Mr. Meatball just a few metres ahead of him. He then went up, gave Mr. Meatball a good beating and left.
Mr. Meatball, not wanting to take this insult, gathered all his meatball friends and arranged to meet outside Mr. Maggi mee's house to seek vengence on the beating.

They pressed the bell, and Mr. Spaghetti opened the door. They walloped him and as they did, Mr. Spaghetti asked : why are you guys beating me?

Mr. Meatball replied : "Don't think that just because you had yourself rebonded, we wouldn't recognise you!"

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Posted by qwerty123 Sep 21, 2006

huh?? this does not make any sense to me can anyone else make sense of this??

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Posted by ntsoaky Sep 21, 2006

I have the same problem. I thot the blonde hilites on my hair were holding my brain hostage!

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Posted by ecksc Sep 21, 2006

hmmm....i dunno if this helps, but if u know that maggi mee are curly wavy noodles, somewhat like curly hair, whereas spaghetti is straight long, somewhat looks like rebonded hair. Therefore, the meatball sees that the maggi mee had rebonded his hair, turning him into a spaghetti....though it;s entirely a misidentification...

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Posted by ntsoaky Sep 22, 2006

ok. I get it.

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