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Descartes walked into a McDonalds and ordered a veggieburger.

The guy behind the counter asked "Do you want fries with that?"

Descartes replied "I think not," and poof - he disappeared.

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Posted by ntsoaky Sep 18, 2006


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Posted by agoodin Sep 18, 2006


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Posted by jbsmooooth Sep 18, 2006

I know who that is but, what's that have to do with this joke? I mean, I was completely lost on this one. I expected math or somethin'. ANYWAY THANKS FOR MAKING ME LAUGH @U!

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Posted by samg Sep 18, 2006

Apparently most subscribers do NOT know who Descartes was. How can one rate a joke he KNOWs he didn't get? :-0

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Posted by ntsoaky Sep 20, 2006

Amazing, isn't it! How does 1 submit a joke he can't xplain?

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Posted by samg Sep 20, 2006

"I think" I can explain it, "therefore I am" explaining it!

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Posted by silly_goose Sep 21, 2006

I think I get it....Descartes is famous for his saying, "I think, therefore I am" So when he said, "I think not", that meant he wasn't there anymore....grrrrooooannnerrr

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Posted by haha92 Oct 09, 2006

ohhhhhhhh!iget it now!

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