Three People in Jail

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Three people had been sentenced to be put in jail for ten years, and they asked each one of them to say one thing that he wants to have with him in the chamber.
The first one said, "I want you to put 1 ton of steak with me," so they did and they locked the chamber; then the second one said, "I want a rack full with the best wines in the world," so they put it in his chamber and locked it; the third said, "I want 1000 packets of cigarettes," so they put it in the chamber and locked it.
After the ten years are over, they unlocked the first chamber, and the man came out with big belly and said, "That was delicious." Then they unlocked the second chamber, and the man came out and he can barely stand and said, "Those were the best wines that I have ever tasted." When they opened the third chamber, the man came out and said, "Matches, please"

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Posted by mydarklife Sep 16, 2006

you spelled sorld wrong you spelled it wirld

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Posted by juwaidah1990 Sep 16, 2006

hehe, can I change it?

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Posted by ntsoaky Sep 18, 2006

sum1 will correct it, don't worry. Good joke.

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