You Couldn't Make It Up III

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I was in McDonald's one time when the lady in front of me ordered a cheeseburger and requested no cheese. Now I don't know about you, but that sounds like a hamburger to me.

Many years ago I worked in a delicatessen. The assistant manager had burnt something in the oven and smoke was pouring from the kitchen area. When the store manager came by and asked why she hadn't opened the emergency fire exit door to allow the smoke to go outside she said, "I thought about it, but I couldn't find the key!"

A friend of mine and I were on a little road trip with his wife driving. Everything was pretty quiet when she turned to us and asked, "If you are driving 70mph, about how far would you go in an hour?"

I was calling the telecommunication company to inform them my phone didn't work and that when I picked up the receiver it was completely dead. The technician said from the other end, "Are you calling from the number of the phone that does not work?"

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Posted by ntsoaky Sep 13, 2006

smells blonde! goood joke

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Posted by dragonlilly1 Sep 13, 2006

It's one of them there jokes that many of us thinking persons have just to say DUH...

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