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Bill and Tim are out one day test driving cars. They happen to pull up to the same stop light side by side.

Bill yells out his window, "HEY TIM, Corvette?"

Tim yells back "YUP THIS IS A CORVETTE"

Tim yells again "HEY BILL, Audi?"

Bill jumps out of his car pulls up his shirt, points to his belly button and says, "Nope! I got an INNY!"

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Posted by qwerty123 Aug 23, 2006

let me know what you think, this is an original.

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Posted by ntsoaky Aug 24, 2006

I don't get it.

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Posted by qwerty123 Aug 24, 2006

Audi = "Outie" which is a belly button that sticks out. Inny is well an Inny!

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