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Lawyer Says Client is Not That Guilty
(Just how guilty was he?)

Legislator Wants Tougher Death Penalty
(I say, give it to him.)

Man Jumps Off Bridge. Neither Jumper Nor Body Found

After Detour to California Shuttle Returns to Earth
(Well, this confirms what many of us have suspected about California.)

Woman Improving After Fatal Crash
(Modern science is amazing, isn't it?)

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Posted by ntsoaky Aug 22, 2006


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Posted by maddiekate Sep 07, 2008

I like the fatal crash one.

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Posted by Fathead Apr 18, 2012

"The Jumper was not found, dead or alive." Or maybe "jumper" meant something else.

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Posted by Fathead Apr 18, 2013

Last time we executed a prisoner, he died. Do we really need to do better? Last time we only found the jumper and not his body. Go figure.

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