Kinda Like the Perfect Husband, Exept a Twist to It

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A bunch of men are in a locker room at the gym, just out from the steam room. One man's phone rings, he answers it. The conversation between him and his girlfriend is as follows: "Hey honey!" "hey..." "I love ya!" "When are you gonna be home to feed us?" "Fuck ya'all! I hate you! The kids can starve!" "I've been loyal to you and this is what I get?!" "Go fuck a cow!" "I never wanna see your face again!" "Yours neither!" The man hangs up, laughing. "So, who's phone is this anyway?"

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Posted by girliepie Aug 13, 2006

ha ha lol

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Posted by mydarklife Aug 13, 2006

lol it was a good joke but heres a tip use " marks when pple are talking. its also kinda a dupe like the car one

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