The Shot in the Head

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The Vice President and his best friends were out hunting
birds. People in the office knew that the best friend had
some dirt on the vice president. When the vice president
came back from hunting, the guy that owned the hunting place asked, "Where's your friend?" The Vice President started to shake and said, "Oh he's still hunting. I have my animals in this gym bag here." "O.k."
A week later he came back alone. Then when he got to the car the next day a police man was writing a parking ticket. The officer said, "Sorry, sir, but I have to write you a ticket," and glanced at his police partner in his police car. Then the Vice President said, "Ok, let me just unlock the car and I'll be on my way." Then when he clicked the trunk opener by accident, the trunk popped, and there was his best friend dead in the trunk and he said, "Oops ..."

This shows how stupid some politicans can be.

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Posted by mydarklife Aug 11, 2006

please comment cause i know this isnt the best of jokes but i obvously need some advice ...

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Posted by idiot_genius Aug 11, 2006

you don't need advice, you need help.

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Posted by mydarklife Aug 11, 2006

same thing to me if i had help id need advice

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Posted by girliepie Aug 11, 2006

gosh idiot_genius, harsh!

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Posted by debbiedoesjokes7 Aug 12, 2006

Not harsh enough! Lost me @ the Vice President goes hunting.... Heard that one on the telly. I'll bet you're that old. What are ya doing with a dark life already???

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Posted by hubluza Mar 31, 2007

Good One. Might want to have a bigger attention grabber at the begining so ppl will reed it. Also, a more obvious punchline. I know that from xperience.

Comment score: -1  

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