New Military Weapon

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3 men sell their bodies to science, for an exsperiment on a new military weapon to scare enemy soldiers by turning them into the enemies idea of the most scary, repulsive idea possible temporarily. The first man has his wife looking at him, drinks the chemical, and turns into a half-fish half-octopus with fur. The second guy has his therapist looking at him, and turns into a giant bald hamster with a snake head. The third guy has his girlfriend looking at him, he drinks the chemical. Nothing happens.

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Posted by mellew Aug 10, 2006

i don't get this one and i usually get these jokes. pleez explain!!

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Posted by Battery Aug 10, 2006

when the men drink the potion they turn into the most repulsive thing the peson looking at them can imagine. the 3rd man doesnt change because the most repulsive thing she can think of is her boyfriend!

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Posted by ntsoaky Aug 11, 2006

That's so funny! He must b the devil himself.

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Posted by Celanba Aug 23, 2006

Don't you have to be dead to sell your body to science?

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Posted by ouchy1 Aug 25, 2006

No, just have to be a guy who has enough problems to commit suicide.

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Posted by hubluza Mar 31, 2007

And whenmany people(including schazty22 see someone drink it, the drinker turns to hubluza!!!

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Posted by Battery Mar 31, 2007

but no one on here knows what you look like.

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