Don't Pee in the Pool

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Little Johnny is approached by the lifeguard at the public swimming pool.

"You're not allowed to pee in the pool," says the lifeguard. "I'm going to report you."

"But everyone pees in the pool," whined Little Johnny.

"Maybe," answered the lifeguard, "but not from the diving board!"

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Posted by DanceSp5 Aug 04, 2006

I LOVE all ur new jokes.... there all funny.

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Posted by MissSmartySkort Aug 04, 2006


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Posted by debbiedoesjokes7 Aug 05, 2006

Luv that one. My daughter's hair (she's now a Mother) turned gren from the pee in the pool when she was about 12. Thanx

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Posted by mellew Aug 05, 2006

no it didn't. thats from the chlorine in the pool debbie. nice joke tho

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