Three Guys at the Gates of Heaven

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Three guys, who had all died around the same time at about the same place, were waiting to take their place in Heaven. They were told by the angel that there was room for only one of them in Heaven. Their fate would be determined by the way each of them had died, so the angel went to each man and asked how they had died.

The first guy, when approached, said:
"Well, I live on the 14th floor of my apartment building and I came home early from work because I suspected that my wife had been cheating on me, and I wanted to give the other man a piece of my mind. However, when I got home there was no one in the apartment aside from my wife, but my intuition told me otherwise, so I searched the apartment. When I came to my balcony, ready the commit suicide, I saw a man hanging on, at that point I was so angry at him that I stepped on his hands hoping he'd fall off, but he remained firm. So I went back inside and got a hammer and hit his hands, but he still didn't fall off. In my frustration I went in the kitchen and got the refrigerator, flinging myself, the refrigerator, and him down 14 floors. And that is how I died."

The second guy said:
"I am a window washer and was cleaning the windows on the 17 story when my cart broke and I began falling. Luckily I was able to grab onto the 14th story balcony, when this guy comes. I was so relieved thinking I'd be rescued, when instead, he starts stepping on my hands, but I refused to fall and die so I put all my energy into staying on. Then the guy goes back inside and comes back with a hammer and starts hitting my hands again, but I refused to let go. Finally the guy goes back inside and flings himself and refrigerator on me. And that is how I died."

The third guy said:
"Well, I was in this lady's aparment and we were making out on the couch, and things were heating up until her husband comes home early. I quickly hid in the refrigerator, and that's all I remember."

Who do you think went to Heaven?

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Posted by boodler Jul 06, 2006

Is the rest of this coming later?

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Posted by mellew Jul 06, 2006

Umm... What's the answer

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Posted by jokester13 Jul 08, 2006

I've heard this joke before except the third guy says this "Picture this. I was in a refrigerator." Which one goes to heaven?

Comment score: 2  

Posted by bubbles101007 Jul 08, 2006


Comment score: -1  

Posted by jokester13 Jul 10, 2006

woops. I just reread my comment. I meant to say that the other time I saw this joke the third guys says "Picture this, I was naked in a refrigerator."

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Posted by Battery Apr 12, 2007

the second guy.

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