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Beckham went into training one day and saw Owen with a thermo-flask. He asked him what it was for and Owen said "It keeps hot things hot, and cold things cold".

The next day Beckham came into training with a thrmo-flask. So Owen asked him what he had in it. He said "well you said it kept hot things hot, and cold things cold so Posh told me to put in some coffee and enough choc-ices for the lads but when I looked into the thermo-flask, when I got here, the choc-ices had melted!"

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Posted by garethr Jun 02, 2003

could someone add a comment please

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Posted by Drunky Jun 02, 2003

*adds a comment* Does this have anything to do with the movie Bend it like Beckham?

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Posted by datra16 Jun 02, 2003

not very funny...sorry!

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Posted by ashleyrena143 Aug 18, 2005

*adds comment also* That was cute but it would've been funnier if it were a blonde joke

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Posted by idiot_genius May 09, 2006

drunky: Beckham is a famous English soccer/football player. the movie bend it like beckham is about a girl who is as good as he is.

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Posted by idiot_genius May 09, 2006

posh is his wife, victoria, who was posh spice in the music group spice girls

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Posted by boodler Jun 15, 2006

*adds a comment* Three times a "Thermos flask" was mentioned, and three times it was spelt incorrectly! You really ought to learn how to spell!

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