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In the middle ages, the monks were only allowed to talk once every year to the priest. They were only allowed two words to say.

One year, when a new monk came, the priest told him of this and the monk agreed.

After the first year, the monk said in a sad voice, "Bed hard."

The priest frowned at him and ushered him away.

The next year the poor monk said in a sad voice,
"Food cold."

The priest scowled at him and told him to go away back to work.

The next year the monk said in a sad voice, "Quit job."

The priest suddenly shouted, "Finally! You've been here three years and all you've done is complain!"

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Posted by Battery Jun 19, 2006

Wonder where you got it from?

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Posted by girliepie Jun 22, 2006

Ha, Ha! Good one Tim!

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