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Yo mama's head so large she has to step into her shirts.

Yo mama head is so big it shows up on radar.

Yo mama's house is so dirty roaches ride around on dune buggies!

Yo mama house so dirty she has to wipe her feet before she goes outside.

Yo mama's teeth are so yellow traffic slows down when she smiles!

Yo mama teeth are so yellow she spits butter.

Yo mama's glasses so thick that when she looks on a map she can see people waving.

Yo mama's glasses are so thick she can see into the future.

Yo mama's house is so small that when she orders a large pizza she has to go outside to eat it.

Yo mama's house so small you have to go outside to change your mind.

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Posted by girliepie Jun 22, 2006

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Posted by oksana Jun 23, 2006

going to my faves!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted by hubluza Jun 23, 2006


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Posted by oksana Jul 17, 2006


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