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An Ontario coupling were on vacation, driving around the province of Nova Scotia. At noon, they arrived at the town of Tatamagouche. The two began to bicker about the pronunication of the town's name. The husband suggested that they stop for lunch and ask.

At the restaurant, they placed their order. The wife asks, "Excuse me, but could you slowly pronounce the name of this place?"

The employee looks surprised, but complies.

"Bur ... ger ... King"

(BTW the town's name is pronounced Tat ah mah goosh)

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Posted by newf Jun 02, 2003

he he....That one always puts a smile on my face.

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Posted by hamburger Jul 22, 2005


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Posted by shimmermaid Jul 28, 2005


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Posted by EnderofGames Mar 05, 2006

Why should she stay in America in jokes?

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Posted by idiot_genius May 23, 2006

yeah, thats stupid. after all, usually when a joke is based in america there's a lot of people who won't understand it.

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Posted by coolhndsme Aug 01, 2006

very funny

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