What America Makes

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When all the national leaders met with Bush...
Germans make your candy, said Germany's leader,
We abuse it, said Bush.
Holland makes your remotes, said Holland's leader
We'd die without those, said Bush.
Italy and Mexico bring in great food, said Mexico & Italy,
We stuff ourselves with it, said Bush.
Japan makes your video games, said Japan's leader;
Our kids and dads love it, said Bush.
China makes all the rest, said China's leader,
Bush said, AMEN.
WHAT DO YOU MAKE? said all but Bush,
Bush took them to a farm,
He took them to a sleping bull.
The bull had a turd next to it.
It said "Made in America",
Bush told them America makes bull****

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Posted by mellew Jun 17, 2006

ugh please learn grammar and spelling

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Posted by hubluza Jun 21, 2006

just correct it

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Posted by joy2chipmunk Nov 07, 2006

Or maybe, you should put a little more effort into your jokes. Everyone who thinks that hubluza is annoying and rude mark this comment as "Useful" K! thanks!

Comment score: 9  

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