Sleepy Dog

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One afternoon, a woman was in her back yard hanging laundry when a tired-looking dog wandered into the yard. The woman could tell from the dog's collar and well-fed belly that he had a home. But when she walked into the house, the dog followed her, sauntered down the hall and fell asleep in a corner. An hour later, he went to the door, and the woman let him out.

The next day the dog was back. He resumed his position in the hallway and slept for an hour. This continued for several weeks. Curious, the woman finally pinned a note to his collar, it read: 'Every afternoon, your dog comes to my house for a nap.'

The next day he arrived with a different note pinned to his collar: "We have six children. He's trying to catch up on his sleep."

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Posted by girliepie Jun 06, 2006

Good one! Cute!

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Posted by boodler Jun 06, 2006

Tick VG. Dumb animal, eh?

Comment score: 2  

Posted by Question_Sleep Jun 10, 2006

Good one!

Comment score: 1  

Posted by honey_11 Jun 12, 2006

love it!

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Posted by timmycool Jun 13, 2006

ha! thats funny!

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