Sorry I'm Late . . .

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Billy turns up at school very late one morning, and the teacher asks the reason why he's late.

"Sorry, Miss, my dad got burned."

"I'm sorry to hear that; I hope it's not serious," she replies.

"Oh, they don't piss about at the crematorium, Miss!"

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Posted by marigold Jun 01, 2006


Comment score: 2  

Posted by teen_wiz Jun 02, 2006

That's just....ugh, I really don't like it. Sorry.

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Posted by timmycool Jun 05, 2006

oh my god, you guys need to chill out, i like that joke!

Comment score: 1  

Posted by girliepie Jun 05, 2006

Do you even get it Timmycool?

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Posted by smartie_pants Jun 05, 2006

dont get it. sorry.

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Posted by irishflower Jun 06, 2006

im sorry it just doesn't...... do anything for me i would if i could but i cant

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