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There once was a man who died and went to heaven. There he saw a hot babe and a ladder. The babe said "you can have sex with me or climb the ladder to success."
The man climbed the ladder. There he saw an even hotter babe who said the same thing. He climbed the ladder again. He saw yet another ladder and an even hotter babe, hotter than the previous ones. She said the same thing.
So the man climbed the ladder one more time. This time he saw an extremely ugly man. The ugly man said "Hi, I'm Sess, suck me."

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Posted by MissSmartySkort May 25, 2006

omg that's funny

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Posted by honey_11 May 25, 2006

haha! great!

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Posted by bibidybobidyboo May 25, 2006


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