Germs...are Kinda Like Forwards

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Have you ever noticed people who cough/sneeze/do just about anything they can to spread their germs to everyone and everywhere? Well basically their theory is make germs like forwards. Try to get them around the world in 40 days or less. Lets try to get rid of these people rather then the avian virus before there is an epidemic. So to all those classmates who sit behind you and refuse to covertheir mouths-Good day to you all. In the words of Tiny Tim "and to all a good night."

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Posted by Celanba May 14, 2006

Tiny Tim said, "God bless us, every one!" Not this mindless dribble you're talking about. This doesn't even make any sense.

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Posted by crazy2010 May 15, 2006

people are gonna get sick! theres nothin you can do about it. so forget about the germ spreading and stuff cuz there is no way on earth that you can get every person in the world to not spread germs. also, i don't consider that a joke. Thank you have a nice day Crazy2010

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Posted by ntsoaky Nov 17, 2006

Well, me thinks she got a point but, this probably shud go to the public forums. Again, good point.

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