Saving a Marriage

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After years of hiding the fact that the love is gone, Mom and Dad announced to their grown children that they're getting a divorce.

The kids were totally distraught and, as a stab at keeping their parents together, arranged a series of sessions for the whole family with a world-famous marriage counselor.

The counselor worked for hours, tried all of his methods and tricks, but the parents wouldn't even talk to each other.

Finally, he walked over to a closet, brought out an oboe, and began to play. After a minute or so, the parents started talking and, as the counselor continued soloing on the oboe, the couple discovered they're not that far apart and decided to give their marriage another try.

The children were amazed and asked the counselor how he managed to do it. He replied, "Simple. I've never seen a couple that wouldn't talk through an oboe solo."

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Posted by jedichick1 Apr 21, 2006

well i guess it wuld b funny if i didnt play the oboe....

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Posted by flamehead Nov 16, 2006

HAHA LOL Funny even though I do play the oboe!

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