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One day Billy is pulling some bottles to the recycling plant in his wagon to get some spending money, he is cursing up a storm while he is pulling the wagon.

He comes around a corner and sees Jenny standing on the path in front of him.

"Billy you shouldn't swear like that!"
"Why the hell not?"
"Because God will hear you" Jenny replies.
"So what if he does" Billy replies.
"Well if God hears you swearing you will go to hell." Jenny explains.
"Well He can't hear me. He is not here!"
"Yes He can hear you Billy. God is everywhere!"
Billy thinks a minute than says, "You mean to say God is under that tree over there right now?"
"Yes Billy He is there, but you can't see him because He is invisibe." replies Jenny.
"God is over behind those bushes too?" asks Billy.
"Yes. He is behind the bushes too. I told you he is everywhere!" Jenny exclaims.
"Is God in my wagon right now?"
"Yes Billy, God is in your wagon right now!" Jemmy replies.
Billy thinks about this a minute then yells, "WELL TELL HIM TO GET OUT AND PUSH THIS SON OF A BITCH. IT'S HEAVY!"

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