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Once upon a time, there was a tribe of very hostile Indians who, upon catching a person on their land, would cut the person up and make a canoe out of them. One day, three men were walking through the woods when they wandered upon the canoe-making Indian's land. They were all caught and given one death wish. The man from Italy said, "I would like one last slice of pizza before I die." So he ate his pizza and was cut up and made into a canoe. The man from America said, "I would like one last hamburger before I die." So he ate his hamburger and was cut up and made a canoe. The last man asked for a fork. "What the hell - a fork??!!! Why the hell do you want a fuckin fork???" But they got him a fork, anyways. The man took the fork and began stabbing himself with it, saying, "YER NOT MAKIN A CANOE OUT OF ME!!!"

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Posted by crazycriely Apr 01, 2006

i dont really get it. is he stabbing himself so that the canoe wouldnt float?

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Posted by beecool Apr 02, 2006

Yes...he's putting holes in himself because a canoe with holes won't float.

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