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A man and a woman have a child, and they need a crib, so they go to a crib factory store. This family is really poor, and they can only find cribs for $300. Then they find a crib for $20. They go up to the cashier and ask why. The cashier says its because it is cursed. The man and woman ask how it is cursed. The cashier replies, "After the 1st week of owning the crib, the mother of the child will die. After the 2nd week of owning the crib the child will die. And after the 3rd week the father of the child will die.(remember that last sentance)
The man and woman decide they don't believe the cashier, so they buy the crib anyway. A week goes by, and the woman dies. The man weeps. Another week goes by, and the child dies. The man weeps even more. Another week goes by, and the man trips over the dead mailman in front of his house.

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Posted by sexychic Mar 21, 2006

It was a good joke. I heard of a very similar one before. Instead of the crib, its the birth of the child. The father will feel the labour pain instead of the mother. However, during birth, the doctor kept asking the father if he feels any pain and the latter kept saying no. The mother got so much pain that they were surprised that the father was still alive. When they got home, they found the mailman dead at the door.

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Posted by faraaz Apr 01, 2006

even ive heard about that joke sexychic

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Posted by hotchick_802 Jul 25, 2006

the fathers are always the mailmans!

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