The Married Life

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This couple, my mom is friends with at work, just had a baby. The wife, Emily, told Dave, her husband, there needed to be some cutbacks on beer to save money for diapers and such. Dave was very disapointed, as could be imagined, but realized it was for the good of their child. One afternoon Emily walks through the door, with bags of makeup and pretty clothes. Dave politely asked Emily why she was spending money on cosmetics, and he was restricted from beer. She responded causually, "This is for you honey. It makes me pretty." Naturally, Dave responded, "That's what the beer was for." Since then, he has been kicked out of the house, and lives in our basement.

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Posted by amakalf Apr 30, 2006

sorry, i didn't quite get the punchline of that joke...could you tell me?

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Posted by crazycriely May 01, 2006

lol he basically said that he needed the beer to make her pretty. so she kicked him out

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Posted by timmycool Jul 09, 2006


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