A Day at the Fairgrounds

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One day, I went to the shooting gallery at the fair, one with the smiling clowns. I aimed and fired. Imagine my reaction when the target started yelling obscenities and charged.

"WOW! These fairs are really getting high-tech," I thought. Just to impress the girls watching, I held my ground and continued firing. Pretty soon, he lost all of his teeth, but he still kept coming. And that was some realistic blood! I aimed up at the forehead, and the target dropped like a rock. A security guard walked up to me and said, "How do you feel? You just killed a carnie, you sicko!"

"Wow, real carnival people!" I said, "I gotta get some of those for my shotgun at home! Carnies are cheaper than paper targets, and you don't have to worry about the guilt from killing the precious trees!"

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Posted by devilslilangel Jun 08, 2005

ha that was funny! but y didn't he think about well it could have been an accual person! he seems kinda dumb! but funny joke!

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