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somewhere in Calfornia, USA, there is a man who want to open up a business. So he decided to build a restaurant. On the grand opening day, he put a large sign: "BEST RESTAURANT IN CALIFORNIA".

And there's another man do the same thing (make a new restaurant) close to the first man. He put a big sign: "BEST RESTAURANT IN AMERICA"

There's another man also do the same thing. He's even more arrogant than the first two. He then put a big sign: "BEST RESTAURANT IN THE WORLD"

ANOTHER man decided to do the same thing. But this man is wiser than the first three. So instead of put a bombastic sign, he only put a normal sign in front of his new restaurant: "Best Restaurant on this road"

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Posted by coolhndsme Mar 15, 2006

good one

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Posted by teen_wiz May 24, 2006

Ha ha! Great one...I didn't get it at first but it's really great!

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Posted by mmmcla01 Feb 24, 2007

I don't get how that's funny...

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Posted by Question_Sleep Feb 24, 2007

The grammar in this joke is nightmarish, but it's still hilarious!

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Posted by bluejubba Feb 24, 2007

hmm, i didn't find this funny as a joke, more of a political statement. 4/10 for a joke 9/10 for you mind working my way

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