Another "You Know You're a Pothead If..."

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1) Your life's ambition involved 2 things. "get high" and "earn just enough money to get high"

2) You're nervous around the police even if you have nothing on you because "you just know they know,"


You WANT them to search you because you don't have anything just so you can laugh at them.

3) You set aside actual lump sums of money to buy weed and treat it like your 'utility bill.'

4) You were never out of weed until your friends were out of weed.

5) Every time you happened to catch the clock at a glance and see '4:20', you automatically think of weed. (Whether you still smoke or have quit before)

7) You would drive over 100 miles if you knew a guy who was selling weed 20 bucks cheaper then the guy next door.

8) You've actually 'worked' for weed.

9) You've actually held up a sign that said 'will work for weed'

10) You're high reading this and didn't know there is no #6.

11) You want to argue with me because # 2 is a two part answer, and bring in the philosophy behind it.

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Posted by taran083 Mar 07, 2006

Please dont take out that large gap of space. i want it to be in there to add delivery to the final joke.

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Posted by taran083 Mar 07, 2006

by the way, ALL of these applied to me... except the holding up the sign joke.. that just seemed funny ;-) but. happy to say 2 years and 4 mo sober! :-)

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Posted by taran083 Apr 01, 2006

Used to be, and it about ruined my life. Take it into consideration

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Posted by beecool Apr 02, 2006

i dont get number five

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Posted by taran083 Apr 08, 2006

#5 is about tradition in regards to smoking weed. How it got started, i dont know, but when 4:20 pm came around, A majority of weed smokers fire up a joint. April 20th (04/20) comes around, same thing. Potheads are high pretty much all day...

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