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How to Make Cookies:
1. Make the batter with everything but the vanilla.
2. Walk to your nearest appliance shop.
3. Buy a telephone and walk home.
4. Call a friend.
5. Have her drive you to the airport.
6. Buy a plane ticket to St. Louis MO, USA (home is where the heart is).
7. Walk to a little shop and buy a little measuring cup.
8. Walk back to the airport (I hope you have good shoes, it might be a long walk).
9. Catch a plane home.
10. Measure the vanilla.
WAIT! You're a TSP. short...
11. Call your friand back, have her drive you to the airport again...
12. Buy vanilla.

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Posted by 2sandwoman Mar 17, 2006

well, dudde, i am a girl, for one, and let's face it, i think you can handle a bad joke every once in a while. i was just thinking about cookies and toasted ravioli. you are a big MEANIE

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