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Once I went to visit my cousin in Jersey and I was looking for his house and when I found his house I rang the doorbell and like I said, "Hey cuz" and he answered I'm not your cousin. Then I said, "Yes I am, and then he closes the door on me. So I like call my mom, right? Then I like say, "Mom, my cousin says he's not my cousin." Then my mom says, "You don't have a cousin in Jersey." And I'm like, "Oh cool", and then I got a fox.

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Posted by enano707 Feb 20, 2006

im too lazy to correct graaamaar so u can creckt it 4 I

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Posted by bananasisthisx Feb 22, 2006

off the amanda show

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Posted by celanba Feb 22, 2006


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Posted by jdillard Feb 27, 2006


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