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Harry Potter Movie Secret?


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new Posted: 12:16PM Aug 27, 2007

One of my friends told me that you can hear the discussion Herm. and Ron are having at the end of the first movie if you turn up the volume really high. At the point where Harry comes out of the Hospital Wing, before they notice him, you can hear them talking.

However, I don't own the first movie. Anyone else want to check it out and see what they said?
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new Posted: 11:20AM Aug 28, 2007

While he stands at the top of the stairs with Hermione, Ron says, "I had a resurrection!!", referring to his 'near death' experience on the chess board earlier in the film. Some people mis-hear it as a reference to something that sounds like 'resurrection,' which is why you may have heard people think it's inappropriate.

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new Posted: 10:29PM Nov 1, 2007

That is funny, I am going to check it out.
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