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Has Anyone Seen Christina-Chapter 1

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new Posted: 06:26PM Jul 14, 2005

Chapter 1
The Bus

It was a normal morning. At least I thought it was. But I didn't know what was in store.

*It was the first day of school at Wakelee Elementry. The bus slowed down to a halt in front of my house. Itook a deep breath and walked down the driveway, onto the bus. The bus door practicaly closed on my foot! Maybe the bus driver isn't paying attention,I thought.Well that's not good!

*Just then, I relized I had frozen on the steps. Maybe I relized this because Jennifier and Micheal were doing weird things to me. They didn't stop untill the budriver yelled at them.

*Everybody was snickering at me. It was SO annoying. Even Megan was doing it. A gust of wind blew through the window.It sent shivers down my spine Then everybody stopped. So did the bus.But when th busdriver checked the tire wasn't flat and the engine was fine. "This is too wierd" ,I told Meg,"I'm going to the library as soon as we get to school."Then the bus driver said,"We have to walk." Nobody was happy.

come back for more
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new Posted: 02:37PM Jun 27, 2006

im back
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new Posted: 10:35AM Jul 16, 2006

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new Posted: 07:43PM Jul 16, 2006

good story i want more
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