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Rate your sense of humor maturity

10 - I laugh at anything (death, birth, babies, terrorism, murder you name it!) 2
9 0
8 3
7 3
6 0
5 - I laugh at somethings. It's about average. I'm always appropriately serious, and appropriately unserious. 2 (your vote)
4 0
3 1
2 1
1 - I laugh more than twice when I watch Fraiser. I'm uptight, serious, I'm a perfectionist, and anal-retentive person.0
 Total Votes:12

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new Posted: 01:00AM Jul 15, 2009


I think I made it so that 5 is the most mature, while 10 and 1 are the two extremes - 10 being very silly, insensitve, and immature, while 1 is simply uptight, and lacking a sense of humor. I voted myself as 8 If you're offended by the truth about Fraiser fans, then you're definitely below 3

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new Posted: 01:49PM Jul 29, 2009

I went at 10, because I do laugh... at everything. Even sarcastically get really angry at people, just to laugh at them.
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