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Games Forum Rules and Questions for Moderators


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new Posted: 06:29PM Aug 16, 2008

Welcome to the Games Forum!

This forum is dedicated to the discussion and play of games.

The following are examples of permissible topics in this area:
Discussion about video games.
Discussion about games on the internet.
Playing message board games.
Playing simple word games.
and More!

This topic is so that users can freely post questions or concerns to the Moderators of this Forum. The questions are for the Moderators to answer only. To keep the topic clean, we will delete any posts that are not questions or concerns.

Remember to read the Forum Rules before posting. Please post to the best of your ability using complete thoughts and sentences. Use the "Edit" feature, instead of double posting. Do not post in all caps to draw attention to your post as others will feel that you are yelling at them. Please do not use excessive formatting to make your message huge as this causes problems with some browsers and is not courteous to others. Feel free to use as many as you wish of the formatting choices in the same post, but limit yourself to only 3 or 4 of the same formatting command applied to the same word or phrase. Keep ALL posts clean and free of swearing and innuendos.

When creating a game, please use a significant amount of thought and creativity when creating your game. It must be significantly different from the other games already being played or it will be locked.

If you choose to play a trivia based game, then your game cannot work on a point system. It is best played when whoever got the last question right gets to ask the next one. When posting the question, check in often to watch for the right answer to be posted and make a posting announcing that it is now their turn. For trivia based games, include a twist that makes the game interesting as simple trivia games normally lose players interest quickly.

When naming your topic or new game, the title needs to clue members into what the game or discussion is about. The Games Forum is rather large and no one wants to open every topic to discover what it is about.

When a game topic becomes full in the middle of a game, a new topic may be started to continue the game. The honor of starting the new topic should go to the last person to post in the old one. However, if they do not do so in a timely manner, then anyone may start the topic. Any thread not used for over 90 days may be locked. Most sign-up games die quickly after their completion and will also be subject to this rule. Stickied games that have finished the current game will be unstickied to allow them to fall down in the list of topics.

Please, do not start a game that requires Modding without contacting and receiving permission from one of the Game Forum moderators. Games such as these will be locked and will not receive a sticky. When creating a multi-player game, you may have a sign-up topic. These games will receive stickies ONLY if you send one of the Game Forum moderators a PM describing the game and requesting a sticky before creating the topic. Games cannot have a predetermined player list, such as one for only your friends. Friend only games may be played in your private talkboxes at

Before you post a new topic, be sure to look through the first couple pages of topics for an existing one. This will ensure that no duplicate discussions or games are open at once. Duplicate topics will be locked. It is entirely ok to revive an old topic or game that has fallen down in the list of topics that sounds interesting to you. Others may have also forgotten how much fun the discussion or game was for those posting.

Please observe these rules regarding games in this forum. Make sure that your post contributes to the game being played and is not simply spam. If the game requires a prompt for the next player, you need to put it there in a timely manner. If you must be a member of the game to play, do not post in there unless you are playing the game, or your post will be deleted. If a game requires a level of participation that you cannot give, then please choose another game to play. Treat other players with courtesy, and the way you would like to be treated in return.

If you cannot have your game posted in this forum, then you may host the game from your wiki or one of your private talkboxes.

In addition to the fun games played in this forum, don't forget to check out some of Braingle's exclusive online games. More Games! and Games Directory (External Links To Braingle).

Thank You and Have Fun!

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new Posted: 06:40AM Aug 17, 2008

So we have to contact a mod to create a new game? The problem with that is the two mods of this forum haven't been on in a very long time.
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new Posted: 07:32PM Aug 17, 2008

You only need to contact a moderator if it's a moderated game - like some sort of game tournament or "game show" type game.

- Jake
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new Posted: 02:18PM Oct 13, 2011

Dear mods,
I am going to host a gameshow called Fetch1 and i am the youngest host!

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