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Rubber Biscuit


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new Posted: 03:25PM Mar 15, 2007

Someone holds the Rubber Biscuit. The object of the game is to determine who that person is at the moment.

Every round will last 48 hours from its beginning. The deadline will be posted at the beginning of each round.

In each round everyone posts to try to determine who is the holder. When someone is ready to vote, they will post who they are voting for with that person's name in bold. If you want to change your vote, just vote for another person in the proscribed manner. At the end of the time limit, if the person with the most votes is the holder of the Rubber Biscuit, then the people who voted for that person win. Otherwise the person with the most votes is bounced (removed from the game). No one is allowed to vote for themselves. There are no direct penalties for missing the vote, but your fellow players may take it out on you.

If there is a tied majority vote: if none of the majority vote receivers is the biscuit holder, then they are all bounced; if one of the majority vote receivers is the biscuit holder, then the holder would be bounced and all those who voted for the holder would win.

If there is a situation where all remaining players vote for separate people, then a "Ricochet Biscuit" is called: everyone is eliminated, the game ends, and no one wins.

After the round ends, a new holder will be selected at random. It is possible for the previous holder to be selected again.

When there are three people left in the game, if the two people not holding the Rubber Biscuit do not both vote for the actual holder, then the person holding the Rubber Biscuit wins.

Signing up:
To sign up for Rubber Biscuit, just PM me. Once we have people we will start playing.

Signup list:
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new Posted: 06:00PM Mar 15, 2007


Braingle coppier
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