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your mother


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new Posted: 01:45PM Mar 24, 2006

has your mother gotten scered if so, tell us!!
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new Posted: 06:34AM Mar 26, 2006

There was a time, when i was 12-13 years old. My brother and I went across the country to visit grandparents on the opposite coast (I lived in Virginia, near the Atlantic Ocean, and my grandparents lived in California, right by the Pacific) It was a 3 month vacation for us, and my father was out to sea, since he was in the military. My mother stayed home, because she had to work, and we went on our vacation. While we were gone, our cat, "Ki-Ki" was a bit more active in her mouse hunts than usual. She adored my mom, and loved to bring her presents whenever she could. My mom had gotten pretty used to the 'presents' Ki-Ki brought her, and usually just wrapped them up in a paper towel and threw them away when she found them at the door (She was a brave mother...) One morning, Because my mom had the whole house to herself, she decided she would sleep in the living room instead of in her bedroom. I remember when she called us to tell us what happened, and what she was shocked to find out. It was about 6 am on a saturday morning that this happened, and so naturally my mom was going to sleep in. She said she felt something jump on her chest as she was sleeping on her back and she brushed off what she thought was Ki-Ki. But our cat jumped back on my mom and just sat on her stomache. Realizing that Ki-Ki now wanted some attention, my mom opened her eyes to start playing with the cat. When she did, however, to her horror she saw that Ki-Ki was sitting on her with a complacent look of satisfaction because at her feet, also on my mom, were 2 dead mice she was offering up as her presents for the day. Now i don't quite remember what she did to remedy the shock of have 2 dead carcasses of cat toys on her chest, but I do remember the panicked voice she had on the phone when she called us at 6:30 am (3 hours later for her) to tell us of her ordeal. Ever since then, though, Ki-ki suddenly became an outside cat, and the presents seemed to have stopped. i wonder why...
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new Posted: 10:54PM May 3, 2006

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new Posted: 03:33PM Jun 24, 2006

rhere was once this time, after i had been to a school fair. i bought fake blood in powder form. all you had to do was put some in your mouth and it would start frothing!
my mums a nurse, so when she came home from work i ran dowen the stairs with fake blood running down my mouth!
she was solidified and starting ringing an ambulance. but just before she started to dial, i started laughing out loud.
she slowly looked arouund and then came right up to me.
it felt like she was goiing to slap me or something, but just as dhe raised her hand back, she burst out laughing and then play-hit me!

she told me that she was freaked out for a minute!!!
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new Posted: 10:05PM Jun 24, 2006

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new Posted: 01:17PM Jun 26, 2006

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