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Something Stupid

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new Posted: 03:24AM Mar 3, 2005

One of my best friends nick name is squirrel so everytime a squireel would come up we would think of her (no shes not dead) there was also this one guy that has a huge crush on her and we would make fun of both of them. I asked my friend do u like him she says no. And she was mad at him for telling everyone he had a huge crush on her. So one day me and my other group of friends went behind him and we put a sign on his back that said "I Love squirrels But they Dont love Me!
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new Posted: 12:28AM Apr 6, 2005

Whoa, that was real mean! :twisted: But it was cool. Mean and cool.

ps - why's her nickname "Squirrel"?? Does she look like one? no offense, though.
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new Posted: 05:53PM Jun 17, 2005

:mrgreen: :exclamation: that was mean but funnie! nice thinking!
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new Posted: 12:50PM Jun 26, 2005

it doesnt seem that mean to me. i dont really see whats funny about it either. i guess its one of those had to be there moments. it just seems a little childish to me. :? it sounds like other people liked it though :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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new Posted: 10:10AM Sep 1, 2005

I dont think it was mean but he might have because it kinda made fun of him
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new Posted: 08:55PM Dec 1, 2005

It was mean, but only a little. on your poll you should have added a 'kind of' option.
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new Posted: 08:01PM Jun 26, 2006

drunky sucks
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