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Tell my Friend


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new Posted: 11:09PM Apr 4, 2007

A friend of mine spilled (on purpose) a milkshake on my leg. To make up for it, I had him give me lunch. He gave me a can of pears.

When I got to the cafeteria, I ate the pears, and decided to go to some other friends. I told one of my friends there to tell him three things when he arrived:

1: I liked the pears
2: I've gone upstairs
3: I'm a poet, and you know it. (They rhyme, plus inside joke)

For some reason, he did not go upstairs, like he usually does. Two classes later, I saw him. When my friend in the cafeteria told him the above listed things, he had misunderstood them.

He thought my other friend said "They're mating in pairs, don't go upstairs"

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new Posted: 06:05PM Apr 12, 2007

heh heh
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